What is Ekklesia?

The word ‘church’ in the New Testament is translated from the Greek word ‘ekklesia’ which comes from two words ‘ek meaning ‘out’ and ‘kaleo’ meaning to ‘call.’ For the Greeks, the word ‘ekklesia’ had more political connotation than religious, referring mainly to “an assembly of citizens summoned by the legislative assembly.” However, an ekklesia or ‘calling out’ was not just an assembly. The term was also used to describe a gathering of members whom Jesus, being King, had summoned or called out. The ‘ekklesia’ or ‘church’ of Jesus Christ was founded and established by our Lord almost 2,000 years ago. It was a government established by the anointed King, Jesus the Christ, which was appointed to look after His Kingdom.


Building upon these biblical terms, a basic definition of the nature of the present day Church can be easily understood. The Church consists of an assembly or congregation of believers who have been called out to live and govern according to the principles that have been laid out by our Lord Jesus Christ. This biblical truth is indicated by Luke in his gospels (6:12-17). After Jesus spent all night in prayer, He called unto Him disciples and from among them, He chose twelve who would play the most dominant role in the early church, the Ekklesia of God in the earth.
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When and where are services?


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Service Times: Sunday Morning Prayer begins @11:30 AM

Prayer Meeting: 4th Friday's 8:00PM – Toronto United in Prayer

Praise Team Rehearsal: Thursday's 8:00PM



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