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Youth Nation

Youth Nation Ministries aims to build close relationships with our young people to foster spiritual growth. We believe very firmly that these relationships are necessary to raise up a generation of young people who are passionate about answering God’s call upon their lives, to build His Kingdom.


Our mission is to see a flourishing youth ministry that profoundly impacts the lives of young people within the church and in the community; and to see droves of young people answering God’s call to His five-fold purpose for their lives, in addition to His abundant blessings, power, prosperity, love and peace. 


The purpose of this ministry is five-fold: 


  • Evangelism (Extend)

  • Fellowship (Elevate)

  • Discipleship (Equip)

  • Ministry (Employ)

  • Worship (Exalt)


Through our Youth Ministries, we strive to Extend all our resources to reach non-believing young people; to Elevate them through fellowship with other Christians; to Equip them to grow in faith; to help them do what this faith demands by Employing their God-given resources in ministry to impact generations to come; and to teach them how to Exalt God with their lives.


As indicated, different words have been used to represent the five purposes listed above, with each word starting with the letter “E”. This was done so that the purpose of Youth Nation Ministries can be easily followed and remembered as shown below.


Extend stands for evangelism with an emphasis on using a variety of means to evangelize.

Elevate is a type of fellowship that blesses everyone around you.

Equip means to train, inspire, and teach young people how to obey God.

Employ means to use your spiritual gifts and all other available resources you have for ministry.

Exalt is worship that emphasizes a daily walk in the worship of God in addition to a time set to worship in a building.

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